Quick start tutorial

The quickest way to introduce your self to our HAS is to use this program. This tutorial guides you through the some actual situations which you can solve with HAS. All situations are described step by step. If you read the guides carefully many of your questions will be solved.

See tutorials list:
   Tutorial 1
   Set up automatic synchronization every hour on all days except Saturday and Sunday.

   Tutorial 2
   Set up automatic incremental backup for work's folders.

   Tutorial 3
   Set up the mirror copy for all files.

   Tutorial 4
   Synchronize Home computer folders and Flash drive via single clicking shortcut on a Desktop.

   Tutorial 5
   Simple way to create a Job quickly.

   Tutorial 6
   Run HAS as Windows service (sync folders when a user is not logged on).

   Tutorial 7
   Notes for using Heatsoft Automatic Synchronizer.

See also:
   Main window
   Job wizard
   Visual run