Main toolbar

HAS main toolbar provides quick access to frequently used operations and commands. Most toolbar operations are duplicated in the drop-down menus.

The toolbar consists of a number of buttons identified by icons and captions. If you leave the mouse cursor on a button for a moment a small window with a description will appear.

The Main toolbar can contain the following buttons:

Button Shortcut       Description
New job CTRL+N Opens Job wizard to create a new Job.
Edit job Alt+Enter Opens Job wizard to edit a selected Job. If a selected job state is either waiting or executing you'll be asked to abort it for editing.
Export jobs Ctrl+E Opens Export Jobs window which allows you to export HAS jobs into a text file in order to be able to import these exported jobs into HAS later.
Import jobs Ctrl+I Opens Import Jobs window which allows you to import jobs which were exported to a text file into HAS.
Duplicate CTRL+D Duplicates a selected job.
Delete Del Deletes selected jobs from the Job list.
Move to service - Move selected jobs to the Service configuration manager.
Select all CTRL+A Selects/deselects all jobs in the Job list.
Adjust - Makes equal column widths in the main window.
Execute Ctrl+R Manual start of selected jobs. All selected jobs will start simultaneously.
Stop Job CTRL+S Stops execution/waiting of selected jobs.
Visual run - Opens the Visual run window where you can execute a selected job step by step.
Service config F2 Opens the Service configuration manager window where you can setup the HAS Service.
Job info Enter Shows detailed properties of a selected job in the Quick info window.
Jobs Agenda F9 Shows pending jobs executions job in the Jobs Agenda window.
Log viewer F10 Allows to view stored log files in the Log viewer window.
Create icon - Opens the Create shortcut window. The window allows you to place job shortcut on a Desktop for a fast executing job.
Clear errors - Use this button to change tray icon status from error to normal.
Options CTRL+O Shows the options window.


  • To activate a command, click on the corresponding button with the primary mouse button.
  • To get a short description (hint) of a button, rest the mouse cursor over the button.
  • To customize Main toolbar, right click on the toolbar and select item Customize toolbar. This opens the window which allows you to add or remove buttons from the toolbar.

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