Program menu

The program menu allows you to manage your jobs and user interface options.

Job menu

Menu itemShortcutDescription
New JobCtrl+NOpens the job wizard to create a new job.
Create a shortcut for a selected Job-Opens the window to create a shortcut for a selected Job.
Export JobsCtrl+EOpens the Export Jobs window to store jobs.
Import JobsCtrl+IOpens the Import Jobs window to load stored jobs into HAS.
Visual Job execution (detailed)-Opens the visual job executing window.
Execute selected Jobs (background)Ctrl+RExecutes selected Jobs in the main window.
Stop selected executing/waiting JobsCtrl+STerminates selected executing or waiting Jobs in the main window.
Clear alert icon in the system tray (Clear errors)-Use this item to change tray icon status from error to normal.
Service configuration managerF2Opens the Service configuration manager window where you can setup the HAS Service.
Close and Exit-Closes the program.
CloseAlt+F4Minimizes application to the system tray icon.

Edit menu

Menu itemShortcutDescription
Edit JobAlt+EnterOpens the job wizard to edit a selected job.
Delete selected JobsDelDeletes selected Jobs in the main window.
Duplicate JobCtrl+DDuplicates a selected Job in the main window.
Move Job to service-Move selected jobs to the Service configuration manager.
Select allCtrl+ASelects or deselects all Jobs in the main window.

View menu

Menu itemShortcutDescription
Adjust columns-Makes equal column widths in the main window.
Columns...-Opens the Job columns window for customize columns in the Job list.
Show tutorials panel-Hides/Shows the quick start tutorials panel in the main window.
Show Job history-Hides/Shows the Job executions history panel in the main window.
Show Job status-Hides/Shows the Job status panel in the Job list.
Quick info for JobEnterOpens the quick info window for a selected job.
Jobs AgendaF9Shows the jobs agenda window.
Past executions-Shows the past executions window.
Log viewerF10Shows the log viewer window.
Environment variables-Shows the Environment variables window.
OptionsCtrl+OShows the options window.

Help menu

Menu itemShortcutDescription
Contents-Shows HAS help topics.
Quick start tutorial-Shows HAS quick start tutorial help.
Check for update-Directs you to Heatsoft Corporation web site to check for a new version of HAS.
Heatsoft Corporation home page-Directs you to Heatsoft Corporation web site.
Feedback and technical support-Directs you to Heatsoft Corporation web site to the support page.
About-Provides information about HAS version.

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