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Some screenshots of Heatsoft Automatic Synchronizer

Automatic Synchronizer - main window. Click for a larger image (59 KB). The main window of Automatic Synchronizer

The main window contains the main menu, the toolbar, the Job list, and the Jobs' executions history pane. The Job list displays jobs which you can execute. Fields of Job list let you view state of each job. You can left-click on column's top to sort by a specified field. The HAS's toolbar provides quick access to frequently used operations and commands. Most toolbar operations are duplicated in the drop-down menus. You can right-click on the Job list to display a menu of commands appropriate to the object. The Jobs' executions history shows events occurred during synchronization.

Automatic Synchronizer - job wizard window. Click for a larger image (30 KB). The Job Wizard window

A job has some settings which define a job behavior during execution. Job Wizard allows you to create a job or customize job settings. Job Wizard contains several pages. Each page has specific settings that enable you to control your job execution.

Automatic Synchronizer - log viewer window. Click for a larger image (38 KB).
The Log Viewer window

The window allows you to view log files for all jobs executions. Log files separates by jobs. You can set up log storing settings for each job in the Log settings wizard page.

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