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Pricing information
1 to 2 copies $39.92
3 to 5 copies $34.92
6 to 9 copies $29.92
10 to 19 copies $24.92
20 to 49 copies $19.92
50 to 99 copies $14.92
100 or more $9.92

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Return Policy

Any Heatsoft Automatic Synchronizer (HAS) user is entitled to 30-days trial period to try the software. And we believe that the trial period is enough to decide our software is suitable for your needs or not. Because every Heatsoft product is available as a full functioning trial version, refunds are not given. If you receive a defective CD, it will be replaced free of charge, but no part of your purchase price will be refunded. It is because of this strict "NO REFUNDS" policy that it is strongly suggested you download and try the trial version prior to your purchase.

If you have any questions about our Return Policy please email us at support@heatsoft.com.

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