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We strive for doing everything we can ensure our customers' satisfaction across the globe. Here are a few of the many testimonials and feedbacks we have received from our clients!

Thank you for your interest in Heatsoft ADCS. Feel free to Add your own comments and suggestions.


ADCS saves me a lot of programming (now what to do on dark evenings). Funny finding my concept entirely implemented... And even more!
PS: Registration will follow

Gerco de Jager (11-Nov-2006)

Great product!!!

Really works great... Removes the stress of trying to remember where the different versions reside!!!!

John Lawler (3-Oct-2006)

Overall I can not tell you how much time ADCS has saved me and protected me from deleting key files. I donít know how anyone who uses a backup drive, external drive, network drive or most importantly the increasingly large USB memory sticks could survive without this product. This should be a must have on everybodyís shopping list.

John Servage (22-Sep-2006)

Superb piece of software!

As a headteacher with two laptops in school and desktop at home I simply don't worry about keeping up to date. Please keep up the good work!

Colin Rowling (8-Mar-2006)

ADCS is a great product...

I really like your product; it is a far superior to Briefcase and Windows Synchronize.

I have been using it for a few months to sync between my desktop where I do the bulk of my work, and my laptop which I take to meetings, take home, take on trips, etc. The ability to sync a directory & its subs works great, my files are always with me.

Recently I joined several new projects at work, working with people that are located on different home networks. I was worried that it would be too time consuming to be synchronizing few different directories on several different network drives, and I would have to go without the having copies on my laptop.

So this morning I tried out your Directory Pairs functions, and it worked great. I'm also surprised at the speed, since this was the first time copying those projects to my laptop, I had 250M or so to sync up. It ran quickly.

Great product, fast, remembers my previous settings, I just click it and go.

Pat Baird (Tue Mar 23 08:08:42 PST 2004)

Easy to use, no crashes, and lots of options

I've been using this utility for several months. It has worked well when synchronizing files to DVD-RW, network drives, or just folder to folder on the same drive. There are plenty of options and lots of information about what it is about to copy and why. No fear of the utility doing something you did not expect. Never had a crash.

Pete (29-Dec-2003 04:02:54 PM)

Most Awesome

As a software consultant on the "GO", This is exactly the tool I was looking for in my requirement to synchronize files between my PC and my laptop quickly and reliably.

Neil Konitzer, Freisoft (18-Dec-2003 01:53:18 PM)

Hi, I have been using and testing your product for several weeks and decided to purchase it. It is wonderful and allows me to keep my work computer synched with my home computer via a CD-RW. I transfer hundreds of files each day this way. I am a teacher at a middle schools working in a computer lab.

Jim Meyer (Tue Nov 4 07:54:19 PST 2003)

Your program is awesome. My backup is much more up to date than my boss's who backs up to DVDs, Thanks to ADCS. And it keeps my picture horde on my home and work computer all synched up (Synch home to backup, backup to work). And if I want to duplicate my horde to a friend's computer with DIR structure intact, it is easy to keep it up to date with ADCS :)

Jesse Roberge (Wed Oct 29 13:34:05 PST 2003)


I downloaded this program and played with it for 30 minutes and fell in love with it - then bought it. I highly recommend it. I'm running this on Windows 2000Pro and an AMD Anthlon 1700+ based system. I found a few other programs on the net that were comparable to this but not as this price. This is a great value. The interface is easy to use, but perhaps a bit chunkier than some of the other popular file compare and synchronizing programs. For me the layout of the directory trees being color coded make it easier to see the differences in the left and right panes. The whole interface is nicely color coded making it easy to find what you want. This program has all the common features of a first class file comparer & synchronizer. With a few news ones for me. Favorites, directory exclude, 22 different pre defined formats to display the results (like a different file size or a different date), report generator (really nice). In a matter of a few minutes and a couple of peeks at the well written help file I was doing some complex operations. It was fast, more than fast enough for my needs and as quick as any other similar program I have used. For me this is it, good performing program at a reasonable price.

TopDog (11-Sep-2003 11:33:01 PM)

Really well done, clear, simple to use, reliability so I decided to buy after two tests and I used it 20 times in 2 days... The web site is as clear and easy-to-find-information as the product. So beautiful job.

TREMBLAY, Bernard (Sat May 17 12:10:09 PDT 2003)

I'm using 1.14. (Nicely done! It's "smoothing out" into elegance.) Thanks. ADCS is one of those programs that genuinely makes use of computers easier... not to mention safer!

Myron Gochnauer (Wed Apr 2 05:17:18 PST 2003)

Nice and intuitive tool, which occasionally supprices me with new ways to be used. Appart from the fact that it works well, I also appreciate your information about new releases of the program.

Andy Richman

Yup, I'm registered. ADCS plus a 256MB USB "key" or "thumb" drive has made my computer life a lot easier!! I carry my Outlook mega-file, Quicken data, IE bookmarks, class notes, the book I am writing, and [of course!] all of Jane Austen's novels in my pocket now, and just plug into whichever of my computers I'm near. Before ADCS this was a real pain, and often resulted in working on old files and/or overwriting newer ones.

Myron Gochnauer

This is the only software I purchased after 5 minutes of evaluation. I looked for such utility long time.

Michael Levkovitch (Sat Sep 14 01:05:05 PDT 2002)

Have you ever been on a business trip and realized an important file was still on your office computer... Especially a 50Mb file that can't go over e-mail?

ADCS is simply the best tool for synchronizing files between my networked computers. Preparing my laptop for Business trips used to take hours to update manually. Now I just hit the button and I know my computers are updated to the latest files. When I return to the office...BAM...everything is updated again.

If you need to share lots of files between computers and business associates, this program is an absolute MUST HAVE. Thanks for freeing up precious hours for my other activities.

Brian Climenhaga (Tue Mar 19 08:47:48 PST 2002)

Great features, fits requirements, very useful tool, best in its category.

Mike McGraw

Heatsoft ADCS is very fast and seems well written and properly priced.

Steven Yarbrough

I am a satisfied user of Heatsoft ADCS ver 1.06. I purchased an earlier version from you and have been kept well posted with upgrades. I use the program to synch files between my laptop and a desktop computer. I recently purchased a DVD-RAM drive and began using that for back-ups. Thanks to your software all works well, generally.

Don Levi

I have just tried this program for the first time and it seems a good alternative to Briefcase which is very difficult to understand and control.

Peter Bradshaw

I downloaded ADCS the other night and am very impressed. Your GUI is very clean and intuitive and the execution speed is very fast.

Mark Rigsbee

I like the program and want to keep on using Heatsoft ADCS for synchronize between laptop and desktop machines.

Oliver Pemberton

This software appears to be a great substitute for Briefcase which is almost impossible to live with.

Bruce Gladstone

I like the product, because Heatsoft ADCS saves me work.

David D Schneider MD

First off, I'd like to say that after reviewing several directory synchronization tools available, I am EXTREMELY impressed with the ease of use and especially the speed of the Heatsoft Product.

Dan Goggiano

Heatsoft ADCS is a good program. It works. I need it for a web site work.

Kuo Shu Ming Peter

I am registering this thing after ONE trial, it is AWESOME!!! I have three computers at home and need to be able to synchronize files across them! I LOVE THIS PRODUCT!

Deborah A. Hornstra

ADCS runs perfect on Windows 2000!

Otto Hinz

I find it very useful and well worth the cost.

George S Chuparkoff

Heatsoft ADCS is useful for sync between a laptop and desktop.

John G Deemy

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