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Advanced Directory
Comparison and Synchronization
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Some screenshots of Heatsoft ADCS

You can see the full program description and screen shots right now at Online help on this site or you can download help file for Heatsoft ADCS to see it offline. To see the large image click the image. ADCS - directories trees. Click for a larger image (41 KB).

On the right screenshot you can see the main program window. In this window you can select source and target directories which will be compared. You also can define favorite directories, change font and font style in the directories trees. There is a program menu and a button bar that is placed at the top of this screen. If you click on the right mouse button you can work with the context menu. This menu consists of the most actual commands.

ADCS is a very fast and easy-to-use Directory and File synchronizer. Its main function is to synchronize the files in a selected directory and its sub-directories on two different folders or drives. ADCS - comparison table. Click for a larger image (60 KB).

On the left screenshot you see the program window after the comparison of directories. The main part of this window is the table of results of comparisons (compare table). Compare table keeps files in chosen directories, sorted by a filename. You may change the order of the sorting (Filename, Extension, Size, Date). Files are colored with different colors. If the attributes, file sizes or filename are equal they are colored by one color (black). You can change fonts and color of files in the compare table. In the compare table you can select files like in a Windows Explorer. It is possible to delete, copy to the another directory or change file marks with selected files. There is the column with file marks in the middle of the compare table. File marks define direction for synchronizing the files. If you click on the right mouse button in any part of the compare table you can work with the context menu. This menu consists of the most actual commands. ADCS - directories tree, compare table, navigator. Click for a larger image (54 KB).

ADCS is an intuitive directories comparison and synchronization utility from Heatsoft. It will be useful for anyone, who shares documents/programs with friends and colleagues.

With the help of ADCS you can compare two directories including subdirectories with each other, and then copy the files with differences to the target directory, or any other directory.

Sometimes you need to see the directories tree and the compare table simultaneously. On the right screenshot you can see such situation. With a simple mouse move you may change sizes of the tree or the table. Except on the trees and the table you can use a list of the compared directories (Navigator), that helping you to quickly move through the compare table. List of the compared directories is kept names of the directories. Choosing one of them you move focus to this directory. By comparing with subdirectories they are separated by the solid silver line which keeps a name of the subdirectory. ADCS - Disk space viewer window. Click for a larger image (36 KB).

On the right screenshot you see the Disk space viewer. The Disk space viewer is intended for visual evaluation of a sharing disk space occupied by directories and files. The Disk space viewer consists of several main parts: directories tree and piechart.

All subdirectories of the first level of directory or disk chosen in the directories tree are displayed on the piechart. On the piechart directories looks as sectors.

The sector size is proportional to the occupied disk space by the directory. So greater directory corresponds a sector of greater size. According to user settings on the piechart can be displayed only files from the chosen directory or directory with files.

So, with the Disk space viewer you may easily, simply and quickly value a volume and directory structures and disks, which will be interesting for you.

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