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Advanced Directory
Comparison and Synchronization
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List of features of Heatsoft ADCS version 2016

Comparison and Synchronization features

  • Side-by-side comparison of two directories.
  • Several synchronization modes.
  • Comparison and Synchronization with subdirectories.
  • Ability to do simultaneous multi-directories comparison (Directories pairs basket).
  • Comparison files by content.
  • Detect differences in a file size, timestamps, attributes.
  • Ability to change copy direction for synchronization.
  • Ability to copy and synchronize files which are used in other programs.
  • Ability to exclude directories from a comparison.
  • Allows unlimited # of levels of sub-directories to be included in the synchronization.
  • Ability to Safe copying files.

    Display features

  • Visibility filters.
  • Explorer-style tree of embedded directories.
  • Color emphasis for different files.
  • Preview synchronization window.
  • Comfortable navigation in file list, including mask selection.
  • Multiple files filter. It allows to use Include and Exclude files filters.
  • Advanced include filter by a file date, a file size and file attributes.
  • List of compared directories (Navigator). It allows to quickly move through the comparison table.
  • Refresh drives in the directories tree.
  • Ability to refresh the comparison table.
  • Ability to sort the comparison by a name, a type, a date and a size of files. You can change the order of the sorting.
  • Controlling which files will be shown.
  • Configurable directories tree and comparison table by changing settings of the directories tree and settings of the comparison table.
  • Ability to define where the ADCS icon will be shown.
  • Ability to show or hide hidden and system files in the comparison table.
  • Ability to customize toolbars.
  • Shows refresh progress window when you activate ADCS.
  • Shows file's path in the comparison table.
  • Ability to control which files will be show in the preview synchronization window.
  • Ability for change ADCS GUI language (multi-language).

    File and Directory Operations

  • Ability to create, delete and rename directories.
  • Ability to copy or delete files.
  • Copying of files with conservation of structure of directories.
  • Change date/attributes for selected files.
  • Add the network neighborhood in the directories trees.
  • Ability to adjust date/time stamps relatively.
  • Ability to explore folders in the directories trees.

    Comparison Criteria

  • Compare rules. You can change directory comparison criteria (file timestamp, file size, file attributes).
  • Ignore NTFS/FAT differences (can ignore FAT 2 second rounding).
  • Ability to ignore daylight savings (in most time zones the difference is 1 hour).
  • Ability to adjust time zone differences manually.

    Information features

  • System information. You can see system information about software, hardware and network on your computer.
  • Disk space viewer. It allows to view directory structures and their size via piechart.
  • Shows the properties window for drive, directory or file.

    Services features

  • Network connections. It allows to connect and disconnect network drives.
  • Ability to generate a comparison report.
  • Saves your favorite directories for fast repositioning.
  • Ability to open files in their associated application.
  • Ability to open files with defined application.
  • Ability for changing method for refresh the comparison table.
  • Ability to enable/disable sound confirmation.
  • Ability to define which confirmation window will be shown.
  • Ability to remove empty folders.

    Other features

  • Easy to install, move or delete.
  • Context help.

    Our team is ready to receive constructive offers about the program. If you have any problem in using Heatsoft ADCS or you have ideas, wishes or remarks how to improve one let us know immediately.

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